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Greyland Limescale Remover 1L

A powerful germicidal descaler of most washroom surfaces. Including stainless steel and chrome fittings. Toilet Bowls: Remove cap and aim under the rim at the water outlets then around the bowl above the water level. Leave for 5 minutes and brush stubborn stains. To remove stains below the water level, force water round the S bend with the toilet brush and apply as above. Rinse brush thoroughly after use. Urinals: Apply evenly across the surface of the urinal, leave to react for 5 minutes before scrubbing stains with a brush. Allow to flush automatically and rinse brush. Sinks: Wear protective gloves. Insert the plug and apply carefully to taps and spread around the inside of the sink. Allow to react for a few minutes and agitate with a cloth or sponge. Remove the plug and rinse thoroughly. Product Information Sheet: /_fileupload/Limescale-Remover-1%20Info%20sheet.pdf Product MSDS Sheet: /_fileupload/Limescale-Remover%20MSSD%20Sheet_.pdf

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